Before you climb into the attic to face your rat infestation, contact the wildlife management professionals at Critter Control® of Orlando. We will provide a FREE home inspection to identify where at your home rodents are getting in and a solution to get rid of rats forever.

Scary Noises in the Ceiling?
You probably have Rats in the Attic

It’s late at night and you’re lying in bed. Suddenly you hear noises coming from the ceiling. What can it be? Is it supernatural or something from this world? In most instances, you probably have rats in the attic of your Orlando home.

Once rats are removed from your home, you may need additional services to get your house back to normal. Rats and other rodents including mice or even squirrels, carry various diseases in their feces. Cleaning up their nests is another service provided by Critter Control® of Orlando. We can also repair the damage these household pests caused when they enter your home by sealing entry holes in the block or wood of your home. We can also replace or repair attic insulation and other animal-related damage.

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Rat Proofing Your Orlando Home
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Roof Rats in Orlando Homes

Critter Control® of Orlando is the most experienced animal control company in Orlando. Unlike our competitors our main focus is on the invading pests, like rats in the attic or walls, and in removing these pests from the home and restoring your home to its original state. We are also the experts that can seal your home professionally so that rodents and other wildlife can never again reenter your home.

So if you think you have rats or other pests in your home, don’t wait and don’t do it yourself. Contact our rat control experts. We’ll help get rid of rats and rodents in your Orlando home today. Call us 24/7 at 407.295.7194 or fill out a form and one of our technicians will be with you.