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Do you struggle with having too many mosquitoes on your property? Repellents and pesticides aren’t the only solution to the problem. The mosquitos in orlandofollowing plants repel mosquitoes naturally with the strong scent of their essential oils, and can even help repel other bothersome insects, too!


This strongly-scented plant is a repellent to a wide variety of insects. Planting it in small pots and placing around your garden or back yard is the most effective way to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Though peppermint is a great mosquito repellent, it can attract bees and butterflies to the area, so keep your plants away from doors and open windows.


These plants are popular for their beautiful, bright appearance and ability to thrive in most types of weather, but they also keep the mosquitoes away with their unique scent. Place potted marigolds around doors, windows, and on your patio to keep the pests away. You can also plant marigolds in your garden to keep insects from feeding on your other plants.


A common ingredient used in bug sprays and repellents, citronella makes a great repellent in its natural form. Citronella is perfect for our warm Florida climate and can grow to be up to six feet tall, helping to repel mosquitoes in a larger area than other options.


As it turns out, basil isn’t only useful for cooking. This aromatic plant is also great as an insect repellent. Basil requires a good amount of sun, but needs to be kept moist in order to thrive. Plant it in a large pot to prevent it from spreading too quickly and so you can move it into the sun easily.


Another herb often found in the kitchen, rosemary uses its pungent smell to repel mosquitoes and other insects effectively. In contrast to basil, rosemary doesn’t require a lot of water and loves hot and dry conditions. Rosemary can be shaped as it grows larger, and is also effective in a garden as a repellent as well.

Using plants as a natural deterrent for mosquitoes is not only more environmentally friendly than using aerosol bug repellents, but when used in conjunction with other DIY methods, is highly effective. For more information about mosquitoes in the Orlando area, give us a call today at 407.295.7194.

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