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Bat Control

Bats are frightening to many people because of how they are portrayed as being dangerous and aggressive, but that Orlando Bat Controlcouldn’t be further from the truth. Florida is home to 18 species of bats, none of which are naturally aggressive towards humans. In fact, bats are so beneficial to the environment that they are protected by laws against being harmed intentionally. They can eat up to 1,200 insects in an hour, and some species even play a role in pollinating fruits and other plants.

Bat Damage

Bats become an issue when they begin roosting in large numbers inside of residential or commercial buildings, such as homes or offices. The accumulation feces, or guano, is not only foul smelling, but it can carry bacteria as well.


It’s easy for bats to gain access to buildings as they easily squeeze through gaps less than an inch in diameter, which are often found around windows, doors, roofing components, pipes, and vents. Bats are quiet and most active at night, so they often go weeks or months without being noticed.


Removing bats should always be left up to a professional, to ensure your safety and that of the animal. Airborne fungus can be released when a bat roost is disturbed, and appropriate measures will need to be taken to reduce risks. Additionally, bats are a protected species and laws must be adhered to strictly when excluding bats from a building.

If you need help dealing with a bat infestation, the experts of Critter Control® of Orlando can create a personalized plan to help you. Call us today at 407.295.7194 or contact us online to schedule a free home inspection.

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