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Finding droppings around the house? Here scampering coming from the attic? If so, you probably have a shutterstock_376068865rodent problem in your Orlando home. Rats, squirrels, and mice all enjoy taking up residence in people’s homes when they can find safe shelter, food, and water there.

Because of the possibility of transmitting diseases, it’s best to let trained rodent specialists take care of rodents in your home. Critter Control of Orlando has 20 years of experience safely and humanely ridding homes of rodents in Orlando.

Our removal process starts with a free home assessment where we take a thorough walk through of your home and determine how the rodents are entering and why they’re staying? We come up with a plan customized to your home and budget to get rid of the animals safely and modifying their habitat to stop them from coming back. To finish, we’ll repair any damages caused by the rodents.

Don’t trust anyone to remove rodents from your home. Trust the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control in Orlando.

To set up your free home assessment, give us a call today at 407.295.7194.

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