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Critter Control Squirrel Removal Experts

Critter Control® of Orlando can help with any kind of squirrel removal in Orlando or the surrounding shutterstock_63001327Central Florida area. Common squirrels that you may see around your Orlando property include eastern gray squirrels, fox squirrels and southern flying squirrels.

Urban areas of Central Florida are a haven for eastern gray squirrels. Squirrels are often active during the day and prefer oak or hickory trees. Orlando with its many oak trees is a perfect habitat for squirrels.

How do you Know if you Need Squirrel Removal Services?

If you hear noises coming from your attic especially around dawn when squirrels leave their nest and look for food, you probably have an unwanted squirrel guest. Customers who need squirrel removal services often contact Critter Control because they hear scratching or scurrying noises coming from their attic or crawl space. Another way to determine if you need squirrel removal is if you see holes in gutters or the exterior of buildings where squirrels are trying to gain entry.
These signs may mean you have a squirrel or other rodent infestation. Critter Control’s Wildlife Management experts can help you determine if you need squirrel removal or other rodent removal by asking a series of questions about how to best remove squirrels from your property.

To assist the squirrel removal evaluation, you may assist Critter Control by noting the time of day you hear noises, the amount of time the noises have been occurring and what part of the building the noises come from.

Once we’ve determined the best solution to your squirrel problem, we will come up with a plan to humanely remove squirrels from your property and to insecure the building and surroundings from additional squirrel incursions.

If you think you may need squirrel removal services, contact your local Critter Control office for professional squirrel removal solutions today at 407.295.7194.

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