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Are Armadillos Considered Pests?While naturally docile and timid creatures, armadillos qualify as pests due to their reputation for digging up yards and destroying gardens. Equipped with sharp claws and heavily armored shells, the wild mammals are known to root in residential lawns and flower beds for grubs and insects — leaving a trail of claw marks in their path. If you have noticed the signs of an armadillo invasion, here are a few things to be aware of when dealing with the nuisance pest.

Risks of Handling Armadillos

Armadillos do not burrow underground but can cause expensive property damage above ground. If you spot an armadillo tearing through your yard, it is important that you keep your distance because armadillos are:

  • Hard to catch

    – The elusive nature, speed, and rolled-up defense mechanisms of armadillos make them difficult to catch. Professional wildlife trappers can safely capture your evasive armadillo and release it at an off-site location.

  • Carriers of disease

    – Armadillos have been known to be carriers of diseases such as leprosy and can transmit the infection to any human who handles them with bare hands. While armadillos are not aggressive and wary of humans, due to the risk of injury and disease you should never attempt to catch, pet, or touch an armadillo. Instead, it is recommended that you contact a professional animal removal expert to solve your armadillo infestation.

Effective and Humane Armadillo Trapping

Utilizing a proven four-step process, Critter Control® of Orlando will safely and efficiently remove armadillos from your property and prevent them from returning.

  1. Inspect

    During your free consultation, our expert technician will inspect your property to determine the severity of your armadillo infestation.

  2. Remove

    Our technician will safely trap and relocate your armadillo.

  3. Restore

    Any damage caused by your armadillo infestation will be cleaned and repaired by our technician.

  4. Exclude

    Preventative measures are implemented to keep the armadillos from returning.

Armadillo Removal Professionals

The experts at Critter Control® of Orlando are licensed and trained in proper armadillo removal and exclusion techniques. To protect your property from further armadillo infestations, call us today at 407-295-7194 and schedule your free initial consultation.


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