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rats in attic orlando

Having rats in the attic is something no homeowner wants to even think about. Unfortunately, many Orlando residents who find themselves in this situation don’t actually discover their wildlife issue until their home has become a massive breeding ground for diseased rodents. On top of the health risks rats introduce wherever they go, these critters often create expensive damage if not handled quickly and carefully. Here’s how you can tell if rats are in your attic.

What Draws Rats in the Attic?

Rats gravitate to attics for a number of reasons:

  • Ample nesting space – Rats are in search of warm, dark, and cozy conditions to build nests and breed. Attics tend to be uninhabited, giving rats a perfect space to hide and establish a home.
  • Access to nesting materials – Because rats have incisors that are constantly growing, they need to gnaw on tough materials to trim and maintain their teeth — which they have virtually unlimited access to in your attic. From insulation and electrical wiring to wood and piping, there are countless options to keep the critters occupied.

The Damage of a Rat Infestation

Many homeowners tend to take an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to home maintenance, but it doesn’t take long for rats to create unignorable damage. For starters, when these rodents soil your attic insulation with urine or tear it apart to be used as nesting material, your HVAC unit loses efficiency — costing you more in energy expenses each month. Additionally, when rats chew on plumbing pipes or electrical wiring, they heighten the potential for a massive water leak or serious fire hazard.

How Do Rats in the Attic Go Undetected?

Wild animals naturally try and avoid direct contact with humans. For this reason, rats often attempt to enter a home through access points on the roof or near the attic, such as:

  • Damaged exhaust vents
  • Gaps between the soffit and roof lining
  • Openings in roof junctions
  • Rubber roof mats

These nuisance critters can also make their way in from the ground level, using cracks or holes as small as one inch in diameter to squeeze inside. From there, rats journey up to the dark and secure attic space to start nesting, breeding, and feeding.

Get Rid of Rats in the Attic with Critter Control® of Orlando

The costs of DIY rat removal along with the health and safety risks of post-removal cleanup are enough to steer most Orlando homeowners toward professional wildlife management. Therefore, instead of trying to remove rats on your own, partner with the trained team at Critter Control® of Orlando.

Our licensed experts will first inspect your home to determine how and where the offending critters got inside. From there, we create a system that successfully and permanently rids your home of all rats, cleans up any contamination they left behind, and blocks all holes, gaps, and cracks to ensure they don’t return.

If you have rats in your home or think your property might be vulnerable to their entry, call Critter Control® of Orlando today at 407-295-7194. to schedule an inspection and receive a free rat removal estimate.


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