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Having rats in the attic is a repulsive thought for most homeowners. Many Orlando residents end up with rats in their attic without even knowing it until significant damage is done. On top of the health risk rats pose to rats in orlandoyour family through infectious disease, they often cause severe attic damage if not addressed quickly.

Why are rats attracted to your attic?

These nuisance critters love attics for a number of different reasons. The first is that attics tend to be uninhabited most of the time, giving rats a perfect space to hide and nest in. Feeling safe is a top priority for a rat, and the darkness coupled with the ability to get around using roof rafters helps them feel right at home.

Rats are also creatures that love to chew on almost everything they can find, and your attic is host to a wide variety of materials that they love to sink their teeth into. Things like insulation, electrical wiring, wood, and piping are all prime targets for rats.

Many homeowners tend to take an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach to home maintenance, but the damage that a rat is capable of shouldn’t be ignored. For starters, as your insulation is soiled by urine and feces or torn apart to be used as nesting material, it loses much of its effectiveness – costing you more on energy bills. Additionally, rats chewing on plumbing or electrical wiring creates the potential for a massive water leak or short circuit; both of which could spell trouble for your home.

Getting Rid of your Rat Problem

Critter Control® of Orlando does not recommend trying to remove rats on your own. They are known carriers of infectious diseases, and can become aggressive if they feel cornered. Our trained experts first inspect your home to determine where the offending critters are entering. From there, we utilize our highly effective removal techniques to rid your home of all rats. Finally, we are able to seal any entrance points being used in order to ensure you never run into a rat issue again.

If you’ve been hearing the pitter patter of rats in your attic, give us a call today at 407.295.7194 to schedule your inspection.

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