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Are Water Moccasins Aggressive?

Water moccasins are venomous pit vipers found in the Southeastern United States. These snakes can reach 2–4 feet long and display a range of colors including dark brown, black, olive, or yellow. They’re also known as cottonmouths because the white inside of their mouth is displayed when threatened. Water moccasins are semiaquatic and are the only venomous snakes in the United States to spend a majority of their time in the water; however, are they aggressive creatures?

Common Water Moccasin Behaviors

Contrary to popular belief, cottonmouths aren’t outright aggressive and instead take a defensive approach. A frightened water moccasin will coil up and open its mouth to show off its white interior and fangs. They can also shake their tails and produce a vibration similar to a rattlesnake. Glands in the base of their tail give off a foul odor to deter other creatures.

Despite their defensive manner, do not approach or attempt to interact with a water moccasin if you encounter one. These snakes can attack both in and out of the water, and if they feel threatened, they have a powerfully venomous bite.

The Dangers of a Water Moccasin Bite

It’s uncommon to be bitten by a water moccasin, but the bites are painful and dangerous. Water moccasins produce hemotoxic venom which breaks down red blood cells and prevents blood from clotting.

The first immediate symptom of a water moccasin bite is a burning sensation, and the bite will swell within five minutes. Other symptoms include difficulty breathing, numbness, nausea, exhaustion, and reduced blood pressure.

If you’re bitten by a water moccasin, seek immediate medical attention. The chances of long-term health issues decrease the sooner anti-venom can be administered. If left untreated, bites can lead to tissue and muscle damage, internal bleeding, and even the loss of an extremity.

Fast Snake Removal for Water Moccasins in Orlando

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