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Are Wild Animals a Danger to My Pets?Pet owners should always be aware of any potentially dangerous situations for their furry family members. With the vast wild animal population in Florida, there are certain risk factors to our pets’ health and safety. Here are some of the issues that your animals may face when uninvited critters find their way onto your property.

Sharing Food

If you’re like most pet owners, you know how much food you are feeding your animals and have a regular portion routine for meals. When wild animals find out that a free dinner is waiting for them on your back porch, they are likely to return in search for more. There is a chance your animals could become undernourished due to food theft by raccoons, rats, and other critters.

Spreading Disease

There are many diseases carried by rodents and other wildlife which could pose a threat to your pets. Hantavirus, Lyme disease, and rat bite fever are just a few of these potentially harmful illnesses being spread by direct and indirect contact with these critters and the feces they leave behind.

  • Hantavirus

    A potentially life-threatening disease commonly found in mice and rats. Currently, there is no specific treatment or cure.

  • Lyme disease

    This bacterial infection is often spread through tick bites. Rashes and fever are some of the early warning signs.

  • Rat Bite Fever

    Generally transmitted by rodent bites, this life threatening, acute, febrile illness can also be spread through bacteria in rat mucus and urine.

Animal Attacks

Small dogs and cats are especially at risk for an animal attack. If your curious pet finds a new potential playmate in the yard, they could put themselves at risk of an attack by getting too close. The spread of rabies is a significant risk factor in wild animal attacks on pets and could result in death.

Fleas and Ticks

While some wild animals eat ticks, most will also carry them into your yard and home. Fleas and ticks being brought in by neighborhood critters will attach to your outdoor pets and spread them directly to your indoor pets if you have an infestation of any kind. Diseases that can be spread by these insects are a danger to both you and your four-legged family members.

Orlando’s Wild Animal Removal Experts

Keeping our families safe includes pets in our household. Rest easy knowing you and your family are safe from disease and attack by calling your local animal removal experts at Critter Control® of Orlando. To schedule your free and convenient home inspection, call us today at 407-295-7194.

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