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There are many telltale signs that animals have invaded a home, including seeing droppings, hearing noises from the walls or ceiling, and smelling foul odors throughout the house. Whether it be mice, rats, or raccoons, the best way to determine if animals have invaded your home is with a home inspection from Critter Control® of Orlando.

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Animals love to make their way into houses as they offer a quiet and safe place to build nests away from natural predators; and food or water supplies are often readily available. Once inside, they can be difficult to locate and remove on your own, and the signs of their presence aren’t always obvious until serious damage is done.

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Here, at Critter Control® of Orlando, we’re proud to offer FREE home inspections to help determine what kind of animal is in your home, where they’re entering from, and what the best course of action for removing them is.

After we’ve inspected your property, we can work with you to develop a customized plan of action that best suits your needs. We are able to handle everything from the animal removal, to cleaning up the messes they leave behind, to repairing any damage they may have caused.

Left unchecked, wild animals can do serious damage to a home in a short amount of time. If you think you have wildlife in your home, don’t wait to take action. Call us today at 407.295.7194 to schedule your free home inspection.

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