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Can Squirrels Get Through My Chimney?

If you hear squeals and scratches coming from your chimney, you might be dealing with Orlando’s famous climbing critters: squirrels. Because of their nimbleness and agility, it’s fairly easy for a squirrel to wander inside your chimney — especially if you don’t have a cap on it. But despite their quick skills, they might not be able to escape once they do.

Why Squirrels Like Chimneys

To squirrels, chimneys look quite a bit like hollowed-out trees — which is their favorite place to nest and take shelter. Squirrels will climb up a chimney to use the space above the fireplace as a home. While this behavior is more common during the winter months, squirrels are still likely to enter open chimneys throughout the year. And because brick-lined flues are easy for squirrels to move through, certain chimneys are especially vulnerable to these critters.

But once squirrels climb inside your chimney, they often fall down and struggle to climb back up. If your chimney has a metal or clay-lined flue, squirrels won’t be able to get a grip to remove themselves from the area. When squirrels become trapped in your chimney, it’s your responsibility to have them removed. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the lingering odor, damage, and contamination.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

After discovering squirrels in your chimney, you’ll need to remove the animals as quickly as possible. Instead of trying to smoke out infesting squirrels, you should consider partnering with local wildlife professionals. Because, if you don’t remove squirrels carefully and correctly, you could end up harming the animal, damaging your home, and putting your family at risk of infection. Squirrels can carry pathogens, such as salmonella, that can easily spread to other animals and humans.

Calling a professional is the only way to ensure that all adults and squirrels are safely and humanely excluded from your chimney. Local wildlife managers will secure the top of your chimney with a durable cap to prevent any future squirrels from making a home out of your home.

Orlando Squirrel Removal

Get squirrels out of our chimney and keep them from coming back with Critter Control® of Orlando. Our staff of certified wildlife technicians knows how to safely handle squirrels — even in the tightest situations.

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