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At Critter Control® of Orlando, our priority is to keep you and your property safe from the dangers of nuisance animals like raccoons, who often invade businesses in search of food and shelter. Our residential animal control services are well known, but we are also one of the premier commercial a raccoon removal services in Orlando.

Raccoons are known for their habit of overturning garbage cans and living around dumpsters for food, and in a commercial setting, this becomes a serious problem. Your business property and assets are valuable to you and your employees’ livelihood, and without them, you could be in trouble. Some of the damages we most commonly caused by raccoon infestations include:

  • Loss of revenue due to damage
  • Costly destruction of inventory
  • Loss of jobs
  • Health risks posed to employees and the public alike
  • Electrical damages, posing a serious fire hazard and interrupting business
  • Equipment damage
  • And more

What We Do

As opposed to attempting a raccoon removal operation on your own, you should let the professionals at Critter Control® help. Our animal removal technicians have the tools and experience necessary to efficiently handle your infestation while keeping you and your assets safe.

Once we remove the offending raccoons, we can repair any damage they may have caused, and seal up entrance points so that they do not return. To schedule an inspection of your business, contact us today at 407-295-7194.

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