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Squirrels can damage your home or business inside and out. Squirrel squirreldamage can include creating holes in a building’s exterior to gain access to the attic. After they enter a building, squirrels damage attics in many ways. They often chew electrical wiring or cables. They can rip out attic insulation, and leave waste throughout the attic. Trees in your yard are also a target of squirrel damage as they build their nest they may use branches from the tree and gnaw on the tree’s bark for nourishment.

Squirrel Damage Prevention

The first step to prevent squirrel damage is to contact Critter Control® of Orlando. Our Certified Wildlife Management technicians can help protect the interior and exterior of your home or business. We use a number of techniques such as exclusion and squirrel trapping to humanely rid your home or office of the pests. We can also repair the damage left behind by invasive squirrels and secure your property against another unwanted guest.

To prevent further squirrel damage to your property, call us at 407.295.7194 to schedule your Free Home Inspection today.


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