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squirrel removalWithin the busy and flourishing city of Orlando, Belle Isle is a peaceful community with gorgeous scenery courtesy of its Lake Conway Chain of Lakes. As much as the area can attract those who want to enjoy aquatic activities, the suburb can also be invited to a whole host of local critters that cause problems for both Belle Isle homeowners and businesses. If your residential or commercial property in Belle Isle, Florida is at the mercy of the local wildlife, then call on the experienced and licensed wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Belle Isle to solve the problem for good.

8 Common Nuisance Wildlife in Belle Isle

There are many types of animals that call Belle Isle home, and our professional technicians are familiar with all of them. When it comes to wildlife that often invades Belle Isle homes and businesses, the following animals are the biggest offenders:

  1. Raccoons

  2. Opossum

  3. Mice

  4. Rats

  5. Bats

  6. Snakes

  7. Squirrels

  8. Rodents

For your safety, if you encounter any wild animal near your home or business, please keep your distance and immediately contact the experts at Critter Control® of Belle Isle.

Damages Wild Animals Cause to Your Belle Isle Property

Being a home or business owner already involves a handful of responsibilities, but having critters venture onto your property, tear up your lawn, and scatter your garbage can make life a whole lot harder. From unsightly scratches and marks to foul-smelling spaces stained with animal waste, nuisance wildlife can also cause numerous damages to your property’s interior. Not to mention the dangerous diseases that some animals can carry and transmit to you, your family, or your pets.

Our CritterSafe® Methods for Wildlife Removal

While wild animals do not belong inside residential or commercial properties, we do everything we can to safely remove and relocate them back to where they belong. At Critter Control® of Belle Isle, we implement the following CritterSafe® methods to ensure a humane and effective removal process:

  1. Inspection – Includes animal identification, location, and removal strategy.
  2. Removal – Includes wildlife isolation, complete removal, and safe relocation.
  3. Exclusion – Includes sealing and safeguarding animal access points to prevent re-entry.
  4. Restoration – Includes cleaning and repairing wildlife contamination and damages.

Your Belle Isle Wildlife Removal Experts

Without proper handling, a small pest problem can easily turn into a major infestation. If you are struggling with a wildlife situation or notice some critters outside your Bell Isle property, you can count on the experts at Critter Control® of Belle Isle for fast, efficient, and permanent removal. Call 407-295-7194 today to schedule your inspection and receive a free wildlife removal estimate.


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