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Critter Control® of Winter ParkJust outside of Orlando city limits lies the affluent suburb of Winter Park, Florida. Bustling with an abundance of restaurants, shops, and historic buildings and homes, the quaint city is surrounded by a majestic chain of lakes and wooded preserves where many species of Central Florida wildlife roam. However, with so much natural wildlife encircling the popular city, it’s only a matter of time before wild animals venture into neighboring homes and businesses.

If your Winter Park residence or office space has attracted unwelcome, nuisance pests, the professional wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Winter Park are equipped to quickly, discreetly, and permanently solve the issue.

9 Common Critters in Winter Park

Our seasoned wildlife technicians are familiar with the many species that call Winter Park, Florida, home. Wild animals that are commonly known to invade residential homes and commercial businesses in the Winter Park area include:

  1. Bats

  2. Pests

  3. Rodents

  4. Mice

  5. Opossums

  6. Raccoons

  7. Rats

  8. Snakes

  9. Squirrels

Winter Park wildlife is not limited to the animals on this list. If you encounter any wild animal on your property, keep your distance, and immediately call the professionals at Critter Control® of Winter Park for safe removal.

Our 4-Step Humane Removal Methods

At Critter Control® of Winter Park, we utilize a four-step removal process that includes humane, eco-friendly, and non-toxic treatments.

Our CritterSafe® method includes:

  1. Inspection – A thorough property and perimeter scan will be conducted to identify potential entry points and determine the extent of your infestation.
  2. Removal – Invasive wildlife will be identified, isolated, and removed from your property using humane methods of removal.
  3. Exclusion – All entry points and openings will be professionally secured to prevent nuisance animals from returning.
  4. Restoration – Interior property damages caused by wild animals will be cleaned, repaired, and replaced.

Winter Park Wildlife Removal

Don’t let a pest problem grow out of control. If you notice the presence of unwanted wildlife on your Winter Park property, rely on the fast and efficient services of Critter Control® of Winter Park. Our licensed wildlife technicians are equipped with the necessary tools and training to quickly and effectively stop an infestation in its tracks.

To schedule your free inspection, call Critter Control® of Winter Park today at 407-295-7194.


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