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How do you know you’ve got rats in the attic? You smell urine and feces, find scratched cardboard and chewed wires, and hear a lot of scurrying and squeaking. But if you tend to only hear them running around at night, you might wonder what it is they’re up to when you’re awake during the day.

Are they sleeping? Do they leave to search for food? Or do they keep up with their normal routine under the commotion of your own day-to-day chores?rats in the attic orlando

Do Rats Have a Schedule?

Rats don’t typically scurry around your home during the day –– mostly because that’s when they are normally asleep. In the quiet safety of darkness, however, they might leave to forage for food and water. They won’t leave for very long, because they know that being exposed could be dangerous. When they venture away from their nest, rats usually find what they need, inside your pantry or out around your property, and return as quickly as possible.

However, rats don’t have a set schedule. If they feel the need to find food during the daytime, they will. And if they feel threatened or are on high alert, they might also stay awake and shuffle throughout the daytime.

Why Is My Attic a Target for Rats?

It’s commonly believed rats are attracted to homes that are dirty, unkempt or even filled with garbage, but this isn’t always the case. Rats are attracted to any steady source of food, water, and shelter. And because you probably don’t head up into your attic that often, rats might choose the space for safe, quiet nesting. No matter why rats choose your home or what they do with their time once they get inside, the only way to take care of the problem is to call the professionals.

Professional Orlando Rat Removal

Rats might temporarily leave your attic, but they won’t stay gone –– and they won’t all leave at once. That means the only way to completely solve a rat infestation is to trust the professionals at Critter Control® of Orlando. Our licensed and certified technicians will handle your critter situation with the utmost care. And, they’ll use eco-friendly alternatives to safely solve the issue without introducing harsh chemicals into your home.

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