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Do Snakes Indicate a Rodent Infestation?Snakes have been a feared creature since the dawn of time, yet they only harm humans when provoked or in self-defense. Despite this, it is still wise to react with caution when spotting a snake around your home, and it is understandable that seeing a great number of snakes would alarm you. However, snakes won’t congregate around a home unless there is a source of food nearby, and a snake’s favorite meal is a rodent. If you’ve noticed multiple snakes on your property, then you may also have a rodent infestation.

Other Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Snakes are not the only indicator of rodents in your home. Other signs of a rodent problem include:

  • Scratching, squeaking, and scurrying sounds
  • Foul odors throughout your home
  • Droppings in drawers, cupboards, the attic, or under your sink
  • Pools or trails of urine
  • Gnaw marks on wood trim, molding, or electrical wires
  • Chewed food boxes, packages, or containers
  • Greasy smears or fur near tiny openings and cracks

Combating a Dual Infestation of Snakes and Rodents

Snakes are shy creatures and prefer to avoid human contact. However, they also need to eat. If you secretly have rats or mice in your home, then a snake will be able to sense it. They best way to get the snakes off your property is to eliminate their desirable source of food. To be sure that rodents are attracting the snakes to your home, you should have your home inspected by a wildlife removal expert who can determine if rodents are present and remove them along with any nuisance snakes.

Professional Wildlife Removal

The experienced technicians at Critter Control® of Orlando are trained and licensed in all types of wildlife and pest removal. Whether you are just fed up with the snakes in your yard or have also discovered a rodent infestation inside your home, our wild animal removal specialists know exactly how to deal with your infestation efficiently and permanently. If you want nuisance animals out of your house and off of your property, contact us at 407-295-7194 today for a free consultation!


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