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A wildlife infestation damages both physical workspaces and business operations, which can go on to hurt your earnings and your reputation. In most cases, wildlife removal specialists can swiftly take care of the issue. But if an infestation gets out of hand, you might have to evacuate your office entirely.

Wildlife Removal in Your Office

After you discover a wild animal inside your office, call a professional that can remove the waste, the smell, and the animal itself. Depending on the severity and stage of your animal infestation, technicians may be able to safely remove the animal without having to send your staff home. But, once an infestation gets to a breaking point, you’ll have no choice but to evacuate employees and close your doors for an extended period of time.

It might seem extreme, but removing animals as early as possible is best for business. Otherwise, you’ll have to indefinitely close your office — which affects your staff and your customers. For example, your employees might lose trust in your ability to keep the office safe. They may start to fear for their health and question the security of their work environment. Likewise, closing your business can make customers suspicious enough to stop using your products or services.

4 Wildlife Prevention Tactics for Your Office

To keep wildlife out, keep your doors open, and keep customers coming, check out these prevention tactics.

  1. Order a prompt inspection. A swift wildlife inspection of your business allows wildlife managers to remove animals before an infestation gets out of hand.
  2. Block entry points. A small-scale solution can include patching holes in the walls, keeping doors closed, and inspecting food shipments for signs of pests and rodents.
  3. Secure work equipment. Sealing workplace equipment to the floor or raising it at least six inches above the floor will help to keep wildlife from using it as nest material.
  4. Keep a sanitary work environment. To remove easy access to food and water, clean and sanitize your preparation areas.

Experienced Assistance

To maintain a thriving business and a safe office space, you’ll need a wildlife management partner that can remove animals and prevent them from returning. The experienced wildlife removal technicians at Critter Control® of Orlando will quickly and safely exclude nuisance pests from your business, repair all points of entry, and restore specific areas that they’ve damaged. To schedule a free consultation for your office, contact Critter Control® of Orlando today.


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