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Orlando is home to hundreds of different kinds of pests that would love to take up residence in your house. Thanks to seasonal/weather changes, welcoming food and water resources, and loss of habitat, more and more bugs are making their way into your home one way or the other.

Critter Control® of Orlando is fully equipped to deal with even the most tricky pest infestations. We’ve got a team of highly trained technicians that know how to effectively diagnose and treat a home pest control problem in Orlando. We’ve become an industry leader in Central Florida thanks to our non-invasive, truly effective practices.

Critter Control developed our own Eco-Wise pest control system that focuses on low-risk, low-impact pest infestation treatment. We don’t just come and spray. We meet with you to discuss your situation. We take a thorough look at your home to diagnose why exactly the pests are staying. What food and water resources do they have access to? From there, we come up with a comprehensive plan of action to eliminate any resources, block entry points, and eliminate the pest population. If we decide it’s necessary to spray, we use our Eco-Wise products that are safe for children, pets, and the environment.

At Critter Control, we believe that home pest control in Orlando shouldn’t be a pain. You should be able to call on us and have a professional, courteous pest control technician help you through the process of ridding your home of bugs.

If you’re experiencing a pest infestation in your Orlando home, please give Critter Control a call today at 321-319-1449 or fill out a Contact Us form to set up an appointment to have a pest control professional come to your home or business to help.

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