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Steps For Effective Critter PreventionIf you’ve dealt with pest problems in the past, you might think it’s impossible to know how to keep critters from choosing your home for habitat. Although you can’t choose the local wildlife around you, you can take effective measures to keep them from settling on your property or entering in your home. Here’s our guide to complete critter prevention in three simple steps.

1. Change up Your Cleaning Routine

Every homeowner can find pest prevention success with sanitation, and they can expect infestation without it. Slacking on your chore list can send a signal to nearby rodents looking for food and water, which means you’ll have to encourage the whole family to get involved in a new and improved cleaning routine.

Simply cleaning up after meals, implementing a pest prevention chore routine, and improving your indoor appearance can work wonders for your pest problems. If you want to double down on best indoor practices, store your food in airtight containers made of durable materials to minimize food fragrance and shield your snacks from rodents.

2. Improve Your Yard Maintenance

Pests can’t see what’s inside your home, but they can use your yard to get an idea. If your lawn is unkempt or overgrown, it provides plenty of room for pests to nest without being noticeable. Similarly, if you have extended tree branches that lead directly to your gutters or widows, pests can use them for convenient roof access.

To prevent pest interest in your yard, keep your trees, shrubs, or any other outdoor growth in shape. Trim branches and mow your lawn as often as possible to prevent foliage from overgrowing. And, if you have an outdoor garden, stay on top of crops and harvest any growth as soon as it’s ready.

3. Partner with an Orlando Wildlife Expert

There’s a lot that you can do to minimize the critter appeal in your home, but professional wildlife services are the most effective way to ensure that entry isn’t an option. Pest control technicians are trained to identify potential entry points and seal them to stop pests from infesting.

Critter prevention requires a lot of attention, but you don’t have to handle it on your own. The seasoned wildlife professionals at Critter Control® of Orlando can inspect your home to design a personalized prevention plan. For a free home inspection and priceless pest prevention, give us a call at 407-295-7194.


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