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Everything You Need to Know About Bat Maternity Season

Whether your home has a history with wildlife infestations or a clean wild animal record, you’ve probably heard about bat maternity season. It’s the time of year when homeowners aren’t legally entitled to remove or exterminate bats nesting indoors — and here are all of the details you need to prepare for it.

Why Are Bats Roosting in My Home?

If you have bats in your home, they are probably female. Female bats typically enter local homes in search of a safe place to birth their bat pups. While each female bat only has one baby, these adult bats like to spend maternity season in colonies. Depending on how many decide to gather in your home, you could end up with somewhere near 40 bat moms and pups at one time.

Bat pups may even enter homes on accident, calling their mothers in afterward. These babies are unable to fly for their first few months, so they are left alone while the mothers go out and gather the food. The time from birth up until the point when baby bats can fly, feed, and protect themselves is known as bat maternity season — the time of year in which Florida law protects each bat species in the state.

How Should I Prepare for Bat Maternity Season?

The best way to tackle bat maternity season is to spend time from late March to mid-April preparing for it. Bat maternity season in Florida officially runs from April 15 through August 15, which means you can’t legally remove bats, practice bat exclusion, or exterminate bats on your property during this time. Instead of waiting around and hoping that an issue doesn’t arise during the season, consider getting a proactive wildlife inspection.

Even if you don’t have an existing infestation, you can use this time to safely and legally repair entry points to keep bats and other wild animals out of your home. That way, you can avoid the costs, health risks, and legal liability of an infestation occurring any time during maternity season.

When Can I Remove Bats From My Home?

Bat maternity season isn’t up until mid-August. So what can you do in the meantime if you already have an infestation? While you are waiting for maternity season to be over, you can do your best to prepare for the removal. By calling your local wildlife management provider, you can set up a legal, safe, and secure system to exclude bats as soon as the season ends.

A wildlife manager will start by inspecting your home to uncover bat entry and exit points. Because they only need 3/8 of an inch of space to squeeze through, it takes a trained eye to find all of the entrances they could use around your home. From there, your wildlife partner will create a systematic wildlife removal and prevention plan that fits your personal budget and your state’s bat maternity laws.

The Right Way to Handle Bat Maternity Season

Proper timing and exclusion are critical for long-term bat control and safety. That’s why the licensed animal experts at Critter Control® of Orlando want to protect your property before the season starts. But even if you end up with an infestation that starts after the season does, you can still count on our wildlife removal technicians for an effective after-season exclusion strategy. To schedule your free consultation, call us at 407-250-7873.

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