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Facts You Didn’t Know About Ants

When it comes to ant facts, most people know that ants live in anthills and can deliver a painful bite. In fact, ants are very interesting, hardworking, and disciplined creatures that always seem to be on a mission. While ants are incredible team players, they are not on your team. That is why their presence indoors can be a frustrating nuisance to home and business owners. Therefore, if you see ants in your home, you should make arrangements to have them removed by pest control experts. Here are some ant facts you may not know about that explain why they can be a small but powerful threat to your home.

12 Surprising Ant Facts

  1. There are over 12,000 known species of ants. Species range is shape, color and size.
  2. Ants have 250,000 brain cells and are believed to be the smartest insects known.
  3. Ants don’t have ears. They use the vibrations felt through their feet and knees to detect sound.
  4. Ants breathe by taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide through tiny holes on the bodies.
  5. Ants have colonized every landmass on planet earth EXCEPT the Arctic, Antarctica, and very few islands. Colonies range in size and has a distinct smell so intruders can be detected immediately.
  6. Large ant colonies are called super colonies. The largest super colony recorded is over 3,700 miles wide.
  7. Recent research by the Ohio State University suggest that ants (depending on the species) can lift up to 5,000 times their body weight and not just 50 times as previously believed. While they can carry food much larger than their size into their anthill, these six-legged insects can also fit into openings much smaller than their size. That is how they are able to gain entry to homes and businesses in search of food.
  8. Queen ants have wings and shed them when they start a new nest. They live for many years and have millions of babies (this is their only duty). When the queen dies, the colony dies because the workers are incapable of reproducing. Colonies rarely ever replace a queen.
  9. When ants go in search for food, they leave a trail of pheromones to remember where they’ve been. They also jump, glide, raft, and form living chains by holding on to each other to bridge vegetation and water to get to a meal.
  10. Ants have been known to use their skills to dominate other species of ant and use them to do work in their colonies.
  11. Ant bites vary in pain levels. Familiar ant bites sting a little and cause little inflammation. However, some ants can deliver a bite so painful, it feels like a bullet wound. Others can deliver a fatal bite, but anti-venom for these bites is now available.
  12. Ants can cause damage in homes over time. They typically nest in areas of the home that has wood. As the colony grows, they gnaw at the wood to create more space, and weaken parts of the home. If you spot ants in your home, then don’t wait for them to grow into a larger problem. Contact professional pest control specialists immediately to quickly and safely eliminate ants from your property.

Professional Ant Exterminators in Orlando

The fact is: Ants do not belong in residential homes or commercial businesses. If you have ants or any other pests infesting your property, then contact the pest control experts at Critter Control® of Orlando. We have an effective ant management program that utilizes non-toxic, eco-friendly methods to rid your property of ants and keep them from returning.

If you have questions about our ant removal services or would like to schedule your free in-home inspection, call Critter Control® of Orlando today at 407.295.7194.


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