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Dead Animal Smell

When animals like rats, squirrels, or raccoons die in your home, the dead animal smell can be hard to control. And when you look into the scientific process behind the breakdown of animal tissue, it’s easy to understand why. The powerful, lingering odor can last for weeks to months depending on the animal’s size.

You could just remove the carcass and assume that the smell will exit as well, but that rarely targets the other areas where the odor has spread. If you’re looking for effective ways to get rid of dead animal smell in your home, take a look at these three steps.

  1. Locate the Odor Source

The following signs are pretty strong indicators that there is a dead animal trapped somewhere inside your home.

  • A strong stench
  • Stains on the floor or walls
  • Swarms of flies in a particular area

If you notice a foul odor that you don’t recognize or can’t easily trace to your kitchen trashcan, try and follow the scent to where it originates from. Be sure to check attics, walls, and air vents, because animal carcasses are often hidden in the crevices of a home or behind layers of sheetrock. Oftentimes, just locating the source of the smell requires the help of someone knowledgeable about wildlife removal.

  1. Remove the Animal

To avoid putting yourself and others at risk, put carcass disposal at the top of your list of priorities. Failing to remove the carcass can lead to more infestations from critters like flies or roaches. Before you remove the carcass, however, it’s important to reach out to local authorities to learn what is and what isn’t legal when discarding dead animals. And if the smell leads you to an inaccessible area — behind the walls or underneath the floorboards — you need a professional to come.

  1. Eliminate the Odor

You could rely on nature to naturally get rid of the smell over time, but remember that the odor can still take months to dissolve. In fact, even after you remove the dead animal, some of the fluids and microorganisms remain. The affected area needs to be thoroughly cleaned with an enzymatic wash and disinfectant. If you are doing the cleaning yourself, don’t forget to wear gloves, a protective facemask, and safety goggles — and make sure to clean with an odor-removing sponge. After you’re done sanitizing the area, seal holes and cracks around your home to prevent re-entry.

Dependable Dead Animal Smell Removal

Removing dead animal smell is tricky and risky, which is why the team at Critter Control® of Orlando will do it for you. Our wildlife removal technicians can quickly and safely remove dead animals your property, sanitize the area they’ve infested, and eliminate the odor. To schedule your free consultation, call us at 407-295-7194.


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