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Harmful vs. Humane Ways to Get Rid of RatsThe presence of an unwelcome pest in your home can range from annoying to terrifying, and the sounds and smells that rats make are often disturbing. But exterminating the critters that caused them isn’t the only way to make them go away. In fact, there are several safe rat removal solutions that provide even better results than the inhumane tactics most commonly used to treat infestations.

Here are some tactics, both harmful and humane, that can help get rid of rats in your home.


Harmful Rat Removal Tactics

In severe cases, a rat infestation can cause homeowners to attempt DIY removal or extermination. Not only are these rat control methods inhumane, but they can also be dangerous for anyone nearby. These types of removal methods may include:

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  1. Rat traps

    Baited traps have become an outdated method of animal control. Easily triggered and completely inhumane, rat traps can snap on anything from pet tails to human fingers. In addition, many rats will quickly learn to avoid traps once they sense danger.

  2. Hands-on removal

    Attempting to personally remove a live rat is not only risky, but also dangerous to the safety of both the handler and the animal, as the spread of disease is a high possibility. Therefore, rats should only be handled by experienced personnel who are equipped with the proper tools and training.

  3. Rat poisons

    A majority of rodent poisons contain a mixture of chemicals that cause terrible side effects, which result in a very slow and painful demise for these tiny rodents. However, the toxins in these poisons can also be harmful to pets and children.

Humane Rat Removal Solutions

There are a variety of humane wildlife methods on the market that claim to repel rats. However, these alternatives often fail to solve the root issue that attracted the rodents in the first place, and they do little to actually prevent wild animals from being able to enter your home. Such at-home alternatives for rat removal include:

  1. Ultrasonic devices

    These humane rat repellants transmit high frequencies designed to deter rats. However, they can only project noise a short distance, meaning you’ll have to install them all throughout your home to see any results.

  2. Natural deterrents

    Containing a mixture of natural scents and essential oils, these products only offer temporary relief. And the only way to protect your entire home with naturally scented sprays is to continuously douse your entire property, which can cost you a lot of time and money.

The most effective way to remove unwanted animals without using toxic chemicals and treatments is to partner with a humane wildlife removal service. Experienced local professionals can safely tackle any rat problem with environmentally friendly alternatives, humane handling tactics, and careful relocation.


Safe Ways to Get Rid of Rats in Orlando

While rats can indeed be a nuisance, you don’t have to take drastic measures to take back control of your property. By calling upon local experts for professional assistance, you can access humane rat removal services that provide serious results.

At Critter Control® of Orlando, we are determined to limit all harm to you, your family, and your property — but we’re also dedicated to preserving and protecting your local environment. As a result, we provide the most humane, safe, and eco-friendly methods possible through our four-step CritterSafe® system, which includes:

  • Inspection – One or more of our trained professionals will visit your home to perform a full inspection and better understand your situation.
  • Removal – Using one-way traps built to safely contain rats, we’ll humanely handle and remove all the unwanted critters from your home.
  • Exclusion – To prevent them from returning, our technicians will block rat entry points with a variety of high-strength materials.
  • Restoration – We’ll clean up the mess, sanitize areas contaminated by waste, and repair damage caused by the critters.

Furthermore, our CritterSafe® program helps our crew minimize danger to wildlife because it includes the use of:

  • Non-lethal techniques
  • Live catch traps
  • Off-site release methods
  • Eco-friendly treatments

Rely on Central Florida’s Efficient Rat Removal Experts

Extermination is a last resort at Critter Control® of Orlando. Keeping safety and security top of mind, our licensed and expert technicians use humane measures to permanently solve your rat problem. If you are dealing with rats in or around your property, call us today at 407-295-7194 to get a free estimate and learn more about our humane rat removal solutions.


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