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How Raccoons Get In Apartment ComplexesThere are a lot of ways to fortify your apartment complex and make your tenants feel secure. However, no matter how many times you change the locks, update the gate code, or add features to your security system, there are some intruders who can still find a way inside. Raccoons will exhaust every available option to get into your apartment complex, which is why you’ve got to stay one step ahead.

3 Common Raccoon Attractions

When raccoons attempt to enter your apartment complex, it’s usually because they’ve been tempted by something on the outside. Here are the most common apartment attractions that might be drawing the wrong attention.

  1. Fruit trees

    If you’ve decorated your apartment complex with beautiful, bountiful fruit trees, you may have made your business more appealing to both potential tenants and pests. To keep raccoons away from your building, make sure to trim any overhanging branches that extend to your roof and try to minimize the mounts of fallen fruits on the ground.

  2. Garbage cans

    Apartment complexes produce a lot of waste, which is why tenants appreciate a large outdoor waste location. However, with multiple renters each tossing their own garbage, trash can easily pile up and attract nearby raccoons looking for a steady source of food. To minimize the dish that raccoons can’t resist, tighten down on your waste management.

  3. Other animals

    Having a pet-friendly apartment complex is a big attraction for a lot of tenants; however, it can also serve as a big point of interest for raccoons. Without a strict pet policy that includes proper cleanup and pet waste disposal, your complex could be bringing in more tenants than you can handle.

3 Common Raccoon Entry Points

Once raccoons manage to access your roof, they can open up a number of entrances. Here are the most common spots that raccoons use to gain entry to apartment complexes.

  1. Roof vents and soffits

    Roof vents or soffits that aren’t properly fortified provide easy access for wandering raccoons. Raccoons can easily tear these fixtures open and make their way into your apartment building. To protect them from nearby wildlife, cap, or reseal them with durable materials.

  2. Rotting wood

    If your commercial roof is on the older side, raccoons may uncover rotting wood on the roof’s edge to chew through and open up a larger entryway. Letting your roof expire to the point of rot is never worth the potential damages that these critters can create.

  3. Chimney ­flue

    Chimneys are a great installment to any complex common room; however, they can open up more opportunities for raccoons. To safeguard your flue from infiltrating raccoons, install a chimney cap made of strong materials, like stainless steel and wire mesh.

Commercial Raccoon Removal in Orlando

Raccoons can turn just about anything into a front door to your apartment complex. To keep these critters and others from the Central Florida ecosystem out of your building, contact the pest experts at Critter Control® of Orlando. Our wildlife technicians can investigate potential entry points, create a system to cap and seal your building, and develop a preventative solution to keep any pests from coming back. If you’re interested in securing your commercial building,

Contact Critter Control® of Orlando for today for a free consultation at 407-295-7194.


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