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From throwing out unwanted items to clearing out uncontrollable clutter, a lot of Orlando homeowners like to start their spring with a deep clean around the home –– and even up in the attic. But if you happen to discover an unexpected rat infestation during your seasonal cleanse, you’ll certainly have to come up with a new set of plans. More specifically, you’ll need to know how rats got into your attic and what you’ve got to do to get them out.

5 Common Rat Entry Points Around the Attic

Whether they enter directly from the roof or find their way into your attic from another entry point around your home, rats will take any opportunity available to get inside. However, some of the most common places that these critters use for attic entry include:

  1. Gable vents
  2. Uncovered roof pipes
  3. Uncapped chimneys
  4. Damaged shingles
  5. Loose siding

Risks and Dangers of Rats in the Attic

Of all the places that rats could nest in your home, the attic might seem like the safest –– for them and for you. But just because rats aren’t crawling around your everyday space, it doesn’t mean they can’t introduce risks to it by nesting nearby. Rats carry diseases that can spread throughout your house via urine, droppings, and general contamination. And if rats decide to venture beyond the attic, they’ll carry all of those hazards along with them. In addition, if you decide to tackle a rat infestation on your own, you put yourself at risk of bite or scratch –– which can have extreme health consequences.

CritterSafe® Rat Removal Methods

You now understand the risks of a rat infestation and the probable entry points these rodents will use to get into your attic. But what should you do if you actually see rats in your home? Well, if you want a quick, careful, and complete fix to your infestation, you should call Critter Control® of Orlando.

Once we’re on the scene, we’ll immediately start coming up with a personalized solution to fit your specific critter crisis. For starters, our team will perform a full investigation by inspecting your home from top to bottom to make sure the infestation hasn’t spread. From there, we’ll get started on humanely removing the unwanted animals. Then, we’ll seal, cover, and restore each entry point that rats could use in the future. Finally, we’ll repair any damages done to your attic and get your property back in shape.

Call Critter Control® for the Job

In just a snap, Critter Control® of Orlando will handle your wildlife situation –– no matter where it spreads inside your home. Not only will our trained technicians humanely remove rats, but they’ll also seal entry points, sanitize the nesting area, and restore damaged parts of your attic.

To schedule a free consultation today, call Critter Control of Orlando at 407-295-7194.


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