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clean up after ratsA home’s attic is a desirable space for rats to nest as it provides warmth, safety, adequate breeding room, and close proximity to readily available food sources. Unfortunately, an attic infestation it can be a nightmare to clean up due to the serious health risks that rat droppings can pose to humans. In order to prevent the spread of infection, you will have to follow several safety precautions when cleaning up an attic after rats have been removed.

Risks of a Rat Infestation

Not only is a rat infestation in your attic unsanitary, but it can also be unhealthy to you and your family. In fact, rats are known to carry life-threatening hantaviruses that can be transmitted to humans who come in contact with infected waste such as attic insulation soiled with rat urine and droppings.

Sanitizing Your Attic After Rats

Navigating the crawl spaces of your attic can be difficult as attics generally do not offer enough headroom to stand or reposition your body in order to thoroughly clean. To properly disinfect your attic, minimize the spread of bacteria, and kill contagious germs left behind by your rat infestation, you’ll need the following:

  • Face or respiratory mask
  • Protective eyewear
  • Rubber, latex, or vinyl gloves
  • Large bucket
  • Sponges or scrub brush
  • Bleach
  • Paper towels
  • Garbage bags
  • Oscillating fan
  • Time

Restoring Your Attic After Rats

After an infestation, your attic floors will likely be covered in toxic rat droppings. After removing all of your stored belongings from your attic, the floorboards will need to be scrubbed with bleach or another household disinfectant. Also, if your attic insulation has not already been shredded by the nesting rats, it is likely contaminated and will need to be thrown out. Inventorying the damage, replacing insulation, and exposing yourself to cleaning chemicals and rat waste in a confined space will take its toll on your wallet, health, and sanity. It’s best to leave rat waste removal and attic restoration to the experts.

Professional Rat Removal

At Critter Control® of Orlando, we not only offer expert rat removal services, but our technicians will also repair the parts of your home affected by an infestation, restore and clean your attic back to sanitary conditions, and permanently seal-off all rat entry points to prevent them from returning. If you have rats in your home, call Critter Control® of Orlando today at 407-295-7194 to schedule your free consultation.

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