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Nuisance wildlife often look to nest underneath protected areas such as decks and porches. For most residents, their stay goes unnoticed. Unfortunately, not all animals are pleasant guests. Having an animal set up shelter under your home can result in foul odors, structural damage, and sleepless nights due to their wild nocturnal activities. To save you some money and sleep, here’s how to evict an animal living under your porch.

Identify Your Pest

Because some animals are protected by law and improper removal could be illegal, the first step in removing a pest from your property is to identify it. This step is easier said than done. To truly know what type of animal is under there, you’ll likely need an experienced professional. However, you can always look for footprints or droppings and listen for sounds that could indicate what animal you’re dealing with.

Remove Sources of Food and Cover

If you’re unable to identify the pest on your own, proceed to the next step by removing anything that may attract the animal to your porch. Pests are likely searching for readily available food sources. Opossum enjoy eating pet food left out on the porch, squirrels are often found hanging off of bird feeders, and raccoons love diving in garbage cans. Either move these items away from your house, or make sure they are securely sealed.

You should also trim back any overgrown vegetation under or around your porch. Wildlife use tall grass, weeds, and plants as cover to shield and protect themselves from predators and the elements. If they have nowhere to hide, they’re likely to retreat.

Exclude Pests from Returning

Another option is to create a barrier around your porch to prevent entry. You can seal off the underside of your porch by attaching fencing around its perimeter. The narrow slots of welded wire or mesh fencing works best to keep pests from squeezing through. Also, be sure to bury the fencing at least six inches below ground to prevent wildlife from burrowing underneath.

If you’ve tried these measures and your porch still isn’t pest-free, then it’s time to call a pest removal expert. After all, the longer wildlife nest under your home, the more time they have to get inside your home.

Contact a Professional

Don’t let pests overrun your property. Trust the experts at Critter Control® of Orlando to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. Once we eliminate all the critters from your property, our experienced removal technicians will repair any damage caused by the animals and seal entry points to avoid future invasions. Call us today at 407-295-7194 to schedule your free home consultation.

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