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How to Get Bats Out of Your Commercial BuildingBats play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They regulate insect populations and help pollinate flowers and fruit trees. While they may be a helpful species for our environment, bats are never something you want to see inside of your commercial building, as they bring with them serious trouble. Putrid piles of guano damaged building structures are just a couple of consequences of having bats on your property.

Removing Bats

Bats can go weeks, sometimes months, without ever being noticed. They are quiet and most active at night, gaining entry through openings found in windows, doors, roofing components, pipes, and vents. If bats have already taken up residence in your business, you are going to want to remove them as quickly, and as safely as possible.

Bats are perhaps the trickiest animal to remove from buildings. The general process goes something like this:

  • Seal up all entryways into the area where the bats are residing except for the main one.
  • Set up an exclusion door in the main entrance so that bats can fly out, but not back in.
  • Wait until all bats have exited the building.
  • Remove the exclusion door and completely seal up the building.
  • With safety equipment, clean up guano and repair damage to the building.

Bat Removal Roadblocks

There are several issues you might run into trying to remove a bat colony from your commercial building. Knowing how to properly utilize the exclusion technique is critical for removing bats safely. Florida law protects many species of bats, as they are incredibly important for our environment and a couple species are endangered. So, you must not harm or kill bats during the removal process. Furthermore, bat removal is prohibited from April to August during bat maternity season, so that their babies can grow strong enough to fly away from the roost before they are removed.

Let Us Help

Due to the potential threat bats pose to you and your workplace and how tricky removal can be, we recommend contacting our professionals here at Critter Control® of Orlando. With over thirty years of experience, our specialists utilize the most effective techniques for bat removal. If you need help dealing with a bat infestation, our experts can create a personalized plan to help you. Call us today at 321-215-4515 or contact us online to schedule your free inspection.


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