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ants in orlando home

While Florida is nicknamed “The Sunshine State,” it is equally well-known for its heavy afternoon downpours during hurricane season. The rainy late summer months may be bad for Central Florida residents but are great for ants. That’s because ants thrive in moist atmospheres. These nuisance pests are ready to invade your Orlando property that is damp from all the rainfall. Fortunately, Critter Control® of Orlando can help you get rid of ants and other pests with their proven pest control services.

7 Common Types of Ants Found in Orlando

There are seven different types of ants that can be found in the Orlando area:

  1. Acrobat ants

  2. Argentine ants

  3. Carpenter ants

  4. Fire ants

  5. Odorous ants

  6. Pavement ants

  7. Pharaoh ants

Argentine ants, Odorous ants, and Pharaoh ants tend to live in large numbers, therefore ant extermination and removal would be the best solution for getting rid of their large colonies that have made your home their home.

Ant Extermination and Removal

While each method used to get rid of ants has varying results per species, professional pest control methods are formulated to prevent future infestations.

After all, pest management is crucial for not only getting rid of your ant problem but for making sure they stay gone, as ants will try and find a way to return if you don’t take preventative measures and enlist the services of experts to keep them from coming back.

While you can’t control the weather, preventative measures that you can try to help limit your chances of an ant infestation include:

  • Regularly sweeping up or vacuuming crumbs throughout the house
  • Caulking any exterior cracks or access points that moisture or ants can penetrate
  • Sealing openings along windowsills or floorboards that ants can use to gain entry indoors
  • Reinforcing door thresholds

There are many DIY home remedies that you can attempt to try and combat the ants in your home; however, your best bet is to let pest control professionals take care of your ant problem for you.

Safe, Non-Toxic Ant Control

At Critter Control® of Orlando, our environmentally safe ant and pest extermination methods are safe for you, your family, and your pets. To keep your loved ones out of harm’s way, we do not use harsh or toxic chemicals to treat ant infestations. Our effective treatment plans will get rids of ants for good.

Orlando Ant Removal Experts

Critter Control® of Orlando is staffed with experienced pest control specialists who know how to permanently tackle any ant problem you may have. Our experts will get the job done quickly, safely, and effectively.

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