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Here in the Orlando area, especially during the colder months of the year, mice Oralando rat trapmaking their way into homes and offices has become all-too-common. The promise of easy sources of food and water, as well as protection from fluctuating temperatures, sends wild mice inside to build nests and raise their young. Even a small number of mice can cause a big problem in a home or office, and the following tips will help you eliminate a mouse problem on your own.

  • Find where they are hiding – The first step in removing mice is figuring out where they are. Look for evidence of their activity like droppings (which will be small, dark, and round in appearance), ripped up bits of paper or cardboard used as nesting material, or dirty marks along baseboards or near doorways.
  • Removal – Hiring a team of mice removal professionals like Critter Control® is always the most effective means of solving your problem, but there are a variety of commercially available options that have been known to work with some success, including:
    • Snap Traps – These are the traditional ‘mousetrap’ that comes to mind first for most people. While effective, they often kill the mice instantly and can leave quite a mess. A professional will need to remove any carcasses to avoid the potential spread of bacteria.
    • Glue Traps – While effective at trapping mice, it can be inhumane, and the carcasses will still need to be professionally removed.
    • Live Traps – The preferred method of professionals, live traps allow mice to be removed without creating a mess.

Poison should never be used to remove mice, as it is harmful to humans and pets if accidentally ingested or even touched.

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