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Moles are some of the animal kingdom’s most skilled diggers and are highly adept at building underground tunnels and shelters. Unfortunately, this makes them one of the most difficult to control. Moles can dig deep into your soil, and because digging is what they do best, they leave molehills, dead patches of grass, and ridges all over your lawn. To keep your yard from being destroyed, here are some ways to get rid of moles.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

The most effective ways to remove moles from your property include:

  1. Fencing

    More of a preventative measure, installing a deep fence around your property can keep moles from burrowing under and damaging your yard. Be sure to build a trench at least 2–3 feet deep and line it up with mesh to keep them out.

  2. Keeping a clean yard

    Clearing your yard of all dead leaves and other organic debris creates a less conducive environment for moles. This also allows for easier identification of a mole invasion.

  3. Eliminating food sources

    Moles love grubs and other insects. If you treat to get rid of such underground bugs, the moles will likely relocate for better food sources.

  4. Using a Repellent

    Utilizing a castor oil-based mole repellent can help to deter mole infestations.

  5. Trapping

    This is one of the most effective methods to get rid of moles. However, moles are known carriers of diseases like rabies, so, to keep yourself safe, it’s best to rely on mole removal professionals to trap and get rid of the moles in your yard.

Rely on Professional Mole Removal Services

Removing moles can be tricky and dangerous. Thankfully, the team of experienced animal technicians at Critter Control® of Orlando are equipped to handle such critters and restore your peace of mind. Our team has developed a proven CritterSafe® method to quickly and humanely remove moles from your home or business. Our four-step process includes:

  1. Inspection – Your property will be examined by our technicians to determine how the critters got in.
  2. Removal – Our technicians will isolate the wildlife and ensure they are removed humanely and safely.
  3. Exclusion – Preventive measures are implemented to stop future infestations.
  4. Restoration – All damages caused by the pests will be fixed and returned to pre-infestation condition.

Call Orlando’s Mole Removal Experts at Critter Control®

If your property in the Orlando area has been invaded by moles, then rely on the professional mole removal experts at Critter Control® of Orlando. Whether you have an existing pest problem or want to prevent one from ever starting, you can count on us for safe and effective services. To schedule an inspection for your Central Florida home or business, visit our website or call 407-295-7194 today.


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