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mosquitoes in a home in orlando

Mosquitoes are an undeniable nuisance; they’re annoying, filled with disease, and their itchy bites will keep you up and scratching all night long. This guide has some effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes inside and outside your home. They have no place in your home or near your patio. If mosquitoes are preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep or your guests from enjoying your backyard get-togethers, it’s time to brush up on some mosquito exterminating tactics.

Dealing With Indoor Mosquitoes with 3 Effective Steps

All home and business owners in Central Florida know how annoying nuisance mosquitoes are. Not only are their sounds and bites distracting and annoying to guests and potential customers, but in the worst cases, they can carry dangerous pathogens and disease. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are attracted to Orlando properties due to the hot, humid climate. However, there are a few strategies you can try to deal with indoor mosquitos.

  1. Purchase some fans and fly swatters
  2. Invest in an EPA-registered indoor mosquito repellent
  3. Call a mosquito exterminator for professional help

Furthermore, if you have a mosquito infestation, you’ll want to do an inspection of your house or place of business to see if you can figure out where the mosquitoes entered in the first place. While having a mosquito infestation is a nuisance, it is a great opportunity to add screen doors to your property or to replace or repair any damaged window screens.

Getting Rid of Mosquitos Outdoors in 3 Easy Steps

Lurking in tall grass or near pools of water, the infamous outdoor mosquito is at the top of the list for most Orlando homeowners when it comes to Florida’s most despised pests. While outdoor mosquitos may seem more difficult to deal with, there are still some steps you can take so that you can enjoy your outdoor space pest-free.

  1. Try using a chemical treatment, EPA-registered mosquito spray, or larvicide
  2. Invest in citronella torches or fans to keep mosquitoes away
  3. Buy a mosquito zapper or some high-tech mosquito traps that combine heat and scent to attract and exterminate mosquitos

As a general rule, mosquitos like areas that are humid and dark, so focus on such areas when trying to treat your outdoor space to get rid of mosquitos. However, with all the sprays and equipment, trying to deal with mosquitos on your own can end up being a costly and risky hassle. Instead, it is recommended that you contact professional pest control services to properly and permanently eliminate a mosquito menace.

Quick and Safe Orlando Mosquito Exterminators

Whether indoor or outdoor, the professionals at Critter Control® of Orlando can efficiently and effectively remove any and all mosquitos so that you can properly enjoy your home without fear of being bit. With the experience and expertise needed to get rid of mosquitos from your commercial property or get rid of mosquitos from your residential property, our mosquito exterminators will not only take care of your problem with our extensive preventative measures, but we will also ensure that bothersome mosquitoes will not return.

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