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spider in an orlando home

Creepy, crawly, and scary to look at, spiders are a threat to both humans and pests. This guide will help you learn how to get rid of spiders from your home. While spiders are useful at hunting other household insects, spiders are definitely too dangerous to keep around your home or business as their bites can range from painful to fatal. If you notice any spiders in your residence or place of business, don’t panic. Instead, rely on the following tips to get rid of spiders before contacting spider pest control professionals to permanently finish the job.

Spider Pest Control in the Home

While spiders may seem like less of a nuisance than other pests, some spiders are lethally dangerous and should not be ignored if they are spotted in your home or place of business. Spiders like the Black Widow and Brown Recluse have incredibly painful and highly toxic bites that should be prevented at all costs. Unfortunately, such dangerous spider encounters are common in Orlando properties because they are attracted to warm, southern climates. However, there are a few products you can try to get dangerous spiders off of your property.

  1. Spider Repellent
  2. Spider Sprays
  3. Spider Traps

There are also several natural spider deterrents such as peppermint oil, the smell of which spiders allegedly cannot tolerate, and vinegar, which is said to burn spiders upon contact.

At Home Spider Prevention

Ultimately, the best way to get spiders out of your property is to keep them from entering in the first place. Here are some tips on spider prevention.

  1. Search for any potential crevices in your home that are open to the outdoors and seal them.
  2. Ensure other bugs aren’t in your home as they are a spider’s main food source.
  3. Keep your house clean. Spiders prefer dirty homes with lots of hiding spaces.
  4. Spread a thin layer of diatomaceous earth — lethal to many insects — around the exterior of your home.
  5. Vacuum spider webs where you see them.

Of course, if spiders are already in your house and you don’t feel confident in trying to get rid of spiders on your own, you should immediately contact your local spider pest control professionals for quick and efficient results. The spider pest control experts at Critter Control® of Orlando will perform all of the removal and prevention strategies listed above to permanently get rid of spiders on your property.

Call Orlando’s Experts at Getting Rid of Spiders

If the thought of spiders makes your skin crawl, leave the spider pest control to the experienced pest removal technicians at Critter Control® of Orlando. Our pest experts have the expertise needed to efficiently and safely get rid of spiders and keep them off of your property for good.

To schedule your free consultation and get rid of your spider problem, call Critter Control® of Orlando at 407-295-7194 today.


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