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yellow jacket nest in orlando

Yellow jackets can be an absolute nightmare for Orlando residential homeowners and commercial business owners to deal with. This guide has some ways you can safely get rid of yellow jackets. These honeybee-resembling imposters are aggressive, attracted to sounds and vibrations, and can sting their victims multiple times over. Here are some helpful ways to identify a yellow jacket problem and how to get rid of them before they get to you.

Locating the Problem

Hopefully, you are able to notice that you have a yellow jacket problem before you are on the receiving end of one of their vicious stings. In most places, yellow jacket nests die in the winter; however, the Central Florida climate is perfect for yellow jacket population expansion. Yellow jackets will often build nests in attics, therefore, if you spot a yellow jacket in your home, then there is likely a nest in your attic.

Getting Rid of Yellow Jackets

Once you have identified where your yellow jacket problem originated, you’ll need to take note of the size of the nest and look for any entry and exit points. If you are attempting to get rid of your yellow jacket problem without the help of professionals, keep in mind that yellow jacket bait, spray, and remover can contain harmful chemicals. It is important to be safe when dealing with bug removal techniques that require chemicals.

A possibly safer alternative to chemical sprays might be a bug zapper. While such devices generally hang from hooks on the exterior of the home, a bug zapper’s constant vibrations can attract aggressive yellow jackets within the home as well. Of course, zappers and store-bought sprays are nowhere close to the permanent yellow jacket extermination services of a professional pest control provider.

Yellow Jacket Removal Experts

If you want to get rid of your yellow jacket problem for good, your best bet is to call the experts at Critter Control® of Orlando today. We will assess your yellow jackets problem, eliminate the insects quickly and safely using environmentally friendly chemicals, and prevent the pests from returning to your property — allowing you to get back to your life without having to worry about being the victim of a dangerous yellow jacket attack.

 If you would like to get rid of yellow jackets, schedule your free consultation today by calling Critter Control® of Orlando at 407-295-7194.



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