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Summer in Orlando means plenty of barbecues, afternoons by the pool, and all sorts of other outdoor activities. It seems like any time you or your  bees in orlandofamily wants to do something outside, especially if it involves food, bees and wasps turn up to crash your party. Here are some tips for keeping these pests at bay this summer:

  • Dryer Sheets – Bees and wasps hate the smell of a dryer sheet and will stay far away from it. Spread a few sheets around your back patio or wherever you’re having a get-together to keep the area pest free.
  • Mothballs – Much like the dryer sheet approach, bees and wasps hate the smell of mothballs. While they may be designed to kill moths in an enclosed space, out in the open they’re perfectly safe to humans. Try tying a few up inside some cheese cloth or pantyhose to make a convenient repellant you can hang anywhere.
  • Brown Paper Bags – Most bees and wasps are very territorial. Take a brown paper bag, fill it with air, and twist off the top to make it resemble a bee or wasp nest. Hang the inflated bag in the area that you’ll be spending time, and no bees or wasps will come around.
  • Cloves – This pungent spice is another great bee and wasp repellent. The scent is offensive to them, so just spread some out on your back porch and enjoy a pest-free summer.

Bees and wasps are an important part of our ecosystem, but it’s also important that they stay a safe distance away from you and your family. If you’ve seen bees or wasps flying around your property, there may be a nest nearby. Give the experts at Critter Control® of Orlando a call today at 407.295.7194 to set up an inspection.

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