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How to Keep Raccoons Off Your PropertyDue to the spread of urban development, we find ourselves sharing space with many different critters. Most wildlife tries to avoid human contact as much as possible. Sometimes when food sources are low, raccoons and other critters will go hunting for their next meal in residential and commercial areas. Having these masked bandits on your property can cause damage to your property and put your family and pets at risk. Here are some methods for homeowners experiencing heavy raccoon traffic.

1. Restrict Food Sources

Raccoons only come near humans in search of food. While your outside cat might enjoy having a full bowl to go home to, keep in mind that this is also a great place to find a meal for neighborhood raccoons. Be sure to bring in the pet food bowls when they are finished eating. If the raccoons get used to having a full meal every time they come to your property, they will keep coming.

Trash is another excellent food source for raccoons. If there are raccoons in your area, be sure that you have a securely sealed trash can. Bringing your trash cans into the garage or a locked shed is also a great way to ward off these clever critters.

2. Clear Debris

Large piles of debris serve as an excellent hiding place for raccoons. Due to the human risk factors, these critters are more likely to search for food in areas with lots of places to hide out. Often, one raccoon will move forward to determine if there is a meal to be had, while the rest of the pack takes cover nearby. Clearing out any large piles of wood or trash can make your property less appealing.

3. Install or Repair Fencing

Holes under the fence and missing planks can allow raccoons to enter your property easily. Because of the dexterity of their hands, even a loose piece in your fencing can enable raccoons to push it aside and enter freely. If you do not have any defense against outside invaders, consider installing a tall fence around your property.

4. Call Critter Control of Orlando Your Wildlife Removal Experts

If you suspect a raccoon problem on your property, call the wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Orlando. Our pest prevention technicians study Central Florida animal species and their behavior to create the most effective removal and prevention strategies. For a free home inspection from your local animal removal professionals, call us today at (407) 295-7194.


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