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Common Pest Control Mistakes

The aftermath of a commercial rat infestation can certainly leave behind damage to your building, but the relationship you have with your employees can take an even bigger hit. Your staff might lose some confidence in your business, but fortunately, it might not be gone forever. To rebuild trust in your employees, take a look at the best post-infestation practices.

Stay on Top of Prevention

Even after you’ve resolved the issue, you’ll have to keep up with pest protection to stop rats from wanting to return — and your employees from wanting to leave. Putting prevention at the forefront of your calendar, schedule time when you can identify and seal each entry point around your office.

Repair the openings, holes, and gaps with industrial items like caulk, mesh, and steel wool. After creating a barrier to entry, run a self-check to see if there are any office changes that you need to implement before your employees return.

4 Tips to Help Regain Employee Trust

  1. A refined pet policy – Your office can remain pet-friendly while also being pest-averse. Simply set up a system where your staff becomes more accountable for cleaning up pet food and waste.
  2. A new cleaning routine – Rats and plenty of other rodents have a lot to gain from digging through trash, which is why you should keep it as far away from your building as possible.
  3. A nice tree trim – Roof rats will do just about anything to gain access to the highest parts of your commercial building, but you still shouldn’t make it easy for them. To cut off convenient access to your roof, trim trees that nearly reach or hang over the top of your office roof.
  4. A better security system – While a top-of-the-line burglar alarm won’t have the same effect on rats, there are other security measures you can take to keep them away, like a chimney or pipe caps.

Come Clean About the Situation

When it comes to wildlife infestations, you should never keep your employees in the dark. Even after your building gets the all-clear, you need to be transparent about what you’ve done to solve the issue and what you’re doing to prevent another one in the future.

Once you uncover the root cause of your wildlife issue, share it with your staff. Regularly updated on the status of your pest improvements, they can feel safe and confident that you’re working to rewrite the situation.

Partner With a Licensed Professional

To make employees feel comfortable returning to work, guarantee their safety with professional results from Critter Control® of Orlando. Our trained wildlife experts can safely rid your office of rats, restore damaged areas, and create a comprehensive system to keep them from returning.

Schedule a complimentary inspection of your business and regain trust with your employees by calling Critter Control of Orlando at 407-295-7194.



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