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How to Remove Opossums from Your Property

How to Remove Opossums from Your PropertyAs Orlando residents, the sight of a bright-eyed, fuzzy critter scurrying across the road at night is all too familiar to us. While opossums are not typically aggressive, they can still create a lot of trouble for homeowners. Opossums love to find the coziest spots in your attic or crawl spaces nest and raise their young. While some animal-lovers may find this sweet, it ultimately leaves you with extensive damage to your home. So, how can you get Mama Possum and her babies out safely?

Opossum Trapping

First of all, we never recommend untrained individuals attempt to trap or capture any wild animal on their own. While opossums are not the aggressive type, they can lash out if they are cornered or trying to protect their babies. Our professionals have the proper tools and skills to safely and humanely trap a family of opossums.

The main technique Critter Control of Orlando® uses to trap wildlife is called live animal trapping. Technicians place a large steel cage in the area the opossums frequent the most and entice them with their favorite food or smell. Some traps will take a few days to work, others a matter of hours. Once the critters are safely locked away, a technician will come to remove them from your property.

Once removed, we can relocate them to a more suitable environment far away from your property so there is no chance they will return.

Keeping Opossums Out

Another way to keep nuisance opossums off your property and out of your home is to be proactive. We offer expert exclusion techniques to safeguard your property from a wide variety of curious critters. We can quickly locate any entry points or damage done to your home from wear and tear or a previous infestation and patch it up to prevent easy access for wildlife.

By using our exclusion techniques, you can prevent opossum infestations before they happen, saving you not only money but time and stress.

Putting Opossum Problems to Rest

At the first sign of an opossum infestation on your property, you should contact the wildlife experts at Critter Control Orlando ®. If you attempt to tackle this problem on your own, you risk causing even more damage to your home and potentially exposing your family to dangerous diseases like rabies, leptospirosis, and more.

If you suspect you have an opossum or other wildlife problem in your Orlando home or property, contact us today for a free estimate at 407.295.7194.


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