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Rats, mice, and squirrels can do great damage to your home and carry diseases and parasites to your household. Your first line of defense against these vermin is rodent-proofing by barring entry through vents and other openings.

No Entry Allowed

Blocking access for rodents starts with a detailed visual inspection of your home. Tracking every possible entry point is the key to effective rodent-proofing. These critters can squeeze into incredibly small openings, and they’re adept at scaling walls and reaching nearly any point of entry.

Once you’ve located possible entry points, you need to secure them. Patch holes, gaps, and cracks that are at least a 1/4 -inch in size. Use foam, mesh, hardware cloth, or sheet metal, depending upon the size of the opening.

Inspect your roof to ensure that your vent screens are undamaged and secure, and your chimneys are capped. Make any necessary repairs and attend to any needed replacements. To deter climbing rodents, attach metal rodent guards to piping, and paint black bands on stone or brick houses. Use high gloss paint and a 12-inch band about three feet above the ground.

Foolproof Rodent-Proofing

If you’re an adept DIYer, you may have some luck tackling vent and attic rodent-proofing. But, the best approach is turning to professionals with decades of experience. At Critter Control of Orlando, pest control is all we do. We know our critters! If there’s a way that these rodents can access your house, we’ll find it, and we’ll block it. So, contact us at 407.295.7194 for foolproof animal entry home inspections and rodent-proofing services you can count on.


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