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How to Trap Florida ArmadillosFlorida’s armadillos are nocturnal, have poor eyesight, and generally stay away from human contact. They seem harmless, but when in your yard, they can be quite the nuisance. If an armadillo stays in your yard for too long, it will start digging burrows which can cause damage to your home’s foundation. It’s best to safely remove this critter before it gets too comfortable. Follow these steps to safely trap any armadillo causing damage to your yard.

  1. Purchase a Sturdy Steel Cage Trap

Before trapping an armadillo, you’ll need a cage to trap them in. The cage should be at least 32 x 10 x 12 inches, which is about the size of a raccoon trap. You can purchase a cage from your local home improvement store or online.

  1. Set Trap Directly Over an Active Burrow

Armadillos find shelter in burrows to rest after a long day of digging. By setting your trap above a burrow and creating a dirt lining along the surface, they are more likely to return and enter the cage.

  1. DON’T Use Bait!

That’s not a typo! Many people believe you should use bait to lure this critter but bait won’t be effective. Armadillos dig for their food which means they don’t eat food off the surface. Using bait will most likely attract other animals like possums or raccoons so it’s best to save your time and avoid bait all together.

  1. Set a Wall and Barriers Toward the Trap Instead

Since armadillos have poor eyesight, it’s best to “funnel” this critter into your trap instead. You can use objects like wood planks, fences, or concrete blocks to guide the armadillo into the cage. Check your trap every morning. Since they are nocturnal, it will most likely be caught at night.

Trap and Remove Nuisance Armadillos Today

Removing an armadillo takes an investment of your time and money. Plus, it is illegal to relocate wild armadillos by Florida law. Wouldn’t you rather have an expert take care of the entire process for your peace of mind? That’s why you should contact our expert technicians at Critter Control Orlando®! Our trapping exclusion techniques are proven to capture armadillos and any other critter that finds its way into your yard. If you’re ready to have your yard back, call us today for a free consultation at 407-295-7194.


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