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Humane Ways to Remove SquirrelsSquirrels may be more socially-accepted than their rodent cousins, but they can be just as destructive to a residential home. By nature, squirrels must constantly gnaw to dull the rapid growth of their front teeth. Their incessant chewing habit can wreak costly havoc on the walls, wires, and wooden structures of your home. However annoying and destructive the presence of squirrels in and around your home may be, perhaps you are uncomfortable with the idea of squirrel extermination. Here are a few humane alternatives that can be effective at removing squirrels.

Humane Squirrel Deterrent Methods

  • Remove food sources – A good start at removing squirrels from your property is to make it less inviting to the furry critters. Remove any bird feeders that often attract more squirrels than birds. Also take any pet food bowls inside the home and tightly seal all trash cans.
  • Trim back vegetation – Remove any overhanging limbs that grant squirrels easy access on and off your roof.
  • Seal off entry points – Check your attic for any exposed access points that a squirrel could penetrate and seal them off.

If squirrels have accessed your home, nested, and begun infesting your attic and walls, Critter Control® of Orlando can help with our safe and effective squirrel removal process.

Safe Squirrel Removal Practices

Under our CritterSafe® program, extermination is a last resort. Our goal is to provide humane measures to remove squirrels from your property, return them to the wild, and prevent them from returning. Our CritterSafe® program minimizes danger to squirrels by using non-lethal methods such as:

  • Live-catch traps
  • Off-site release
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly sprays

Our products are not only harmless to nuisance squirrels, but also to pets and children.

Humane Removal Services

If you have a squirrel infestation, contact the professionals at Critter Control® of Orlando for fast, safe, and permanent squirrel removal solutions Our technicians will also clean and repair any unsanitary mess or damage caused by the squirrels. For more information regarding our squirrel removal services or to schedule your free initial consultation, please call us today at 407-295-7194.


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