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raccoon removal orlando

Rabies is a highly contagious virus that affects countless wild animals in the United States; however, the viral disease can also target the central nervous systems of humans and can be fatal in pets. To remain safe when dealing with wildlife on your property, you should know which rabies symptoms to look out for and the exact animals that can carry it. While any mammal can carry and transmit the rabies virus, raccoons — in addition to foxes, skunks, coyotes, and bats — are known to be primary carriers in the US.

When it comes to encountering a potentially rabid raccoon on your Central Florida property, the signs and symptoms of rabies in these critters aren’t always easy to detect. Here’s a quick and comprehensive guide to help you understand the risks of rabid raccoons.

How to Tell if a Raccoon Is Rabid

Even if you understand how serious and dangerous rabies can be, you still might not know how to identify the difference between normal raccoon behavior and clear signs of rabies. For example, it isn’t incredibly common to see raccoons wandering during the daytime; however, a day-walking raccoon isn’t necessarily rabid. The following behaviors in raccoons, however, are likely signs of rabies:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Noticeable drooling
  • Leg paralysis
  • Loud, excessive barking

How Raccoons Transmit Rabies

The rabies virus is most often transmitted when infected saliva from a rabid animal is passed to an uninfected animal. The most common way to contract rabies from a raccoon is from a bite; however, there are rare chances of rabies transmission through contact with saliva or fecal matter.

The Risks of DIY Raccoon Removal

While raccoons are unlikely to attack humans unless provoked, it’s always best to keep your distance because a bite from any wild animal is a serious cause for concern. That’s why it’s critical to avoid contact with wild raccoons that stumble onto your property and, instead, rely on the professional wildlife removal services provided by Critter Control® of Orlando to deal with any nuisance raccoons.

Rabid Raccoon Removal in Orlando

At Critter Control® of Orlando, our licensed and trained wildlife removal technicians will inspect your property to assess the severity of your raccoon problem, devise a proactive plan to remove the pests, and install safeguards to keep them from returning. To schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate for our raccoon removal services, contact Critter Control® of Orlando today at 407-295-7194.


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