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raccoon removal orlando

Rabies is a highly contagious and often fatal disease that can be transmitted through the bite of an infected animal. While many mammals are potential rabies carriers, raccoons are one of the most common animals in the United States to carry and transmit the deadly virus. Rabies not only affects wildlife, but it can also target the central nervous systems of humans and be fatal in pets.

If you encounter a potentially rabid raccoon on your Central Florida property, it is important to keep a safe distance and contact a raccoon removal professional immediately.

The Symptoms of Rabies in Raccoons

Important Things to Know About Rabid RaccoonsYou can avoid danger by knowing the difference between normal raccoon behavior and clear signs of rabies. For example, it isn’t incredibly common to see raccoons wandering during the daytime; however, a day-walking raccoon isn’t necessarily rabid. To remain safe when dealing with rabid raccoon, be on the lookout for the following symptoms:

  • Strange or aggressive behavior
  • Disoriented or confused appearance
  • Walking in circles
  • Noticeable drooling or foaming at the mouth
  • Difficulty moving
  • Leg paralysis
  • Unusually tame
  • Excessive, loud barking

Avoid any raccoons or wildlife exhibiting any of these behaviors on your property. Raccoons can transmit rabies through bites, contact with saliva, or fecal matter. If you are bitten by a wild raccoon, seek medical attention immediately.

How to Handle a Rabid Raccoon

Contracting rabies is preventable. Take the following precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones from rabies:

  • Avoid contact with wild animals.
  • Do not feed wild raccoons.
  • Keep your garbage cans tightly sealed.
  • Contact a raccoon removal expert if raccoons have infested your property.

Rabid Raccoon Removal in Orlando

At Critter Control® of Orlando, our licensed and trained wildlife removal technicians will inspect your property to assess the severity of your raccoon problem, devise a proactive plan to remove the pests, and install safeguards to keep them from returning. To schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate for our raccoon removal services, contact Critter Control® of Orlando today at 407-295-7194.


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