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The strong winds and heavy rains that frequently occur in Orlando during hurricane season cause pests to seek refuge inside homes and businesses. The rainfall also leaves behind a significant amount of standing water, which is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.

Hurricane season takes place from June 1 to November 30. And those who have lived in Florida and experienced past hurricanes such as Andrew, Charley, and Ivan, know all of the problems that come with the storms, including the excessive amount of bugs.

6 Pest Preparation and Prevention Tactics

To lessen the pest’s chances of getting into your home or business, you’ll want to prepare for the storm by taking certain preventative measures. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Fix cracks or holes around the exterior of the building to keep bugs from sneaking in and help prevent small structural problems from becoming larger ones.
  2. Avoid potential damage to your house or office building and eliminate hiding spots for pests by removing debris from the property.
  3. Keep mosquitos at bay by dumping any standing water and bringing inside anything that could catch rainfall like toys, pet dishes, and open garbage cans.
  4. Repair damaged screens, roofing, eaves, and soffits and check that window and doors are properly sealed. Doing this will help keep pests and excessive water out, while at the same time keep electrical costs down.
  5. Skip buying food items that can go bad so that you aren’t faced with rotting food in the case your power goes out for an extended period of time. If your electricity is out for several days after the hurricane hits, it’s best to go ahead and toss any frozen and refrigerated food to avoid attracting bugs.
  6. Eliminate excessive moisture by making sure gutters are clear, water is flowing away from the building’s foundation, and pipes are in good repair to avoid termite and ant infestations.

Schedule a Free Inspection with Critter Control of Orlando

The best way to ensure your property is ready to weather the storm is by having an experienced pest management professional from Critter Control® of Orlando inspect your home or workplace to identify and correct current and future pest problems. We will remove the bugs using a non-invasive, effective, Eco-Wise pest control system and perform any repairs needed to keep unwanted pests and other critters from seeking shelter in your home or business due to the rain.

Call us today at 407-295-7194 for a free inspection and to learn more about the pest control, repair, and prevention services we offer.


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