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Raccoon Damage in Orlando

Raccoons in homes in Orlando behave in much the same way they do in the wild. They see your home just like any other kind of shelter, digging and clawing to gain entrance. They are not toilet trained so they will use their new nest in your attic or garage to defecate and urinate. To make themselves at home, the will chew through, displace and destroy attic or wall insulation. They can also chew through pipes or wiring if it gets in the way of their nest.

Raccoons can also cause destruction outside of your home to your yard and garden. They may eat or dig up plants and trees and dig through your outside garbage or recycling containers. They may also present a danger to household pets that come in contact with the animals or their urine or feces.

Critter Control® of Orlando is here to help. Our team of Wildlife Management experts can detect the problem and come up with a solution to rid your home of raccoons. We can remove or exclude the animals humanely, without harming them so that your home and family are safe. We can also repair and replace the damage raccoons do while entering your home and nesting by replacing attic insulation and repairing holes dug into your home to gain access.

Raccoons are often aggressive and dangerous creatures if you try to rid your home of these pests yourself. Let our trained experts take care of the nuisance for you. Call us at 407.295.7194 or fill out a form to schedule your Free Home Inspection today. We even offer a 10% off animal control coupon on your initial service.

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