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With streets lined with picturesque Florida homes, upscale dining, and locally-owned shops, Winter Park, FL is an ideal place to live. However, the affluent suburb of Orlando is not immune to rat infestations, and the mere mention of one can drive down property values. At Critter Control® of Winter Park, FL, our exterminators quickly and discreetly solve wildlife infestations in the most non-intrusive and effective ways possible.

The Dangers of Rats in Your Winter Park Home

If quick action is not taken, the number of rats in your home can multiply exponentially. These destructive pests can cause extensive and costly damage to your property including:

  • Soiled flooring and insulation
  • Foul odors from urine and droppings
  • Chewed electrical wiring, roofing, and wooden structures
  • Possible spread of infectious diseases
  • Holes in drywall and cabinets
  • Contaminated food
  • Fleas

Safe and Effective Rat Exterminator Methods

Often times a rat infestation is so severe that it warrants extermination efforts. While extermination is always our last resort, we practice the most humane, safe, and eco-friendly methods possible. And once all the rats are eliminated from your property, our experienced technicians will repair any damage they caused and seal off access points to keep them from returning.

If you think you have rats in your Winter Park home or business, rely on Critter Control® of Winter Park to permanently solve the problem.

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