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Rat Proofing Tips for a Pest-Free WinterWinter is coming—and so are rodent invaders. Cooler temperatures send our outdoor neighbors looking for safe, warm places to hide out until the warmer months return. If you are not looking to open up your home to local rats this winter, take a look at the following tips to safely keep them out. 

How They Get In

If you have ever experienced a rat infestation, you probably understand that rodents don’t typically walk in through open doors. Oftentimes, they rely on weak points that offer access to quieter places of your home. Common areas for rat entry can include pipes, air vents, and places with structural damage.   

Dangers to Your Family

Rats have a reputation for being dirty, diseased creatures—and that isn’t far from the truth. In fact, rats carry a host of bacteria that can cause infection and disease. Therefore, coming into contact with a rat or its droppings could result in the following conditions.  

  • Rat-bite fever

    Direct interaction with or bite from a rat can transmit this potentially severe illness. The effects are sometimes life threatening, and they require immediate medical treatment. 

  • Hantavirus

    This is a rather common disease among the rodent community. You can contract it by simply coming into contact with the feces or urine left behind by an infected rat. 

  • Plague

    While this disease is rarer to see today, it is still an ongoing risk factor where rats are involved. However, rats themselves aren’t the direct cause; fleas that first bite an infected rat are.   

Keeping Them Out

The only way to stay safe from rats is to keep them out. Follow these steps to be extra careful during the colder months when they are seeking shelter.

  • Check any pipes and air vents for entry points 
  • Examine your attic and roof for damage 
  • Close your chimney flutes after use 
  • Keep all doors and windows closed 

Trust the Professionals

If you want to be sure that you will not be facing a rodent infestation this winter, call in the professionals at Critter Control® of Orlando. Our team will send an animal entry expert directly to your home to conduct a complimentary inspection of your property. From there, we can design a personalized plan to keep any animal from entering. For more information on our list of rats removal and prevention services, call us today at 407-295-7194. 


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