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If rats can’t get into your home, then they can’t do damage inside. rat proofing homeKeeping them out is step one in Rat-proofing your home. Critter Control® of Orlando uses a number of the most advanced rat prevention techniques to secure your Orlando home against rat invasions.

Eliminate all possible entry paths for rodents. We exclude with high quality materials any gap on the exterior of your home rats and rodent can use to access it. We even get under homes to fill in cracks and crevasses to keep rats out. We also go outside the home to secure sheds, unattached garages, any outbuildings where rats can take up residence.

Rats are always looking for a source of water, so we make sure to exclude access to water by securing exterior walls that lead to washers, dryers, dishwashers, hot water heaters and leaky sinks.

Outside we make sure leaky hoses or spigots are leak proofed. We check and secure roof vents and turbines, screening access areas if needed.

Inspect chimneys to limit rat access, installing or replacing chimney caps and screens.

Tile roofs and shingles are inspected for possible entrances and repaired or replaced as necessary.

Pet entrances like doggie doors or car doors are inspected to make sure they are secured against rats.

Check all exterior vents such as clothes dryer vents to make sure they are secure against rat entry, screening them when needed.

Inspect shrubs and bushes around the house, clearing out dense vegetation that is preferred for outdoor rat nests.

Remove leaves and other fallen vegetation around trees that provide an area for rats to hide.

Clean up wood piles and elevate them from the ground so rats can’t nest under them or between the lumber pile and the house.

Critter Control® of Orlando knows all the signs of a rat infestation in Orlando and can help you rat proof your home. Call us today at 407.295.7194 to rats out of your home.

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