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Since 1983

Partnership Enhances Your Realtor Services

realtorsquareCritter Control® of Orlando knows that time is of the essence when marketing and selling real estate. Like you and your clients, we don’t want a home’s listing to be delayed because of a pest infestation, and we don’t want a closing delayed because of odor or droppings in an attic space.

Contact Critter Control® today by completing the form or calling 407-603-9191 for more information on partnership opportunities. Plus, you can receive free home inspections for each of your listings.

Before Listing a Home

When purchasing a home, safety and energy efficiency are a priority on any buyer’s list. Prior pest infestation that leaves odors or damaged insulation can detract buyers. Critter Control® of Orlando partners with realtors to ensure that all their seller’s needs are met before listing their property. Our services improve a home’s energy efficiency and ensure safety. Our team specializes in services like:

  • Attic insulation capping
  • Complete attic restoration needs resulting from invading wildlife
  • Removal of dead animals, animal fecal matter, and animal odor
  • Animal damage repair and guaranteed animal exclusion services
  • Integrated pest management techniques providing ongoing and environmentally safe pest control

Closing on Your Home

The accomplishment and peace of mind your client feels after purchasing a new home can be overridden with frustration if their home becomes infested with pests. Our monthly Eco-Wise pest control services are customized for each home and use advanced environmentally friendly techniques so clients can feel secure in their new home.

With happy clients come recommendations and repeat services. Our timely, efficient, and expert services will resolve your client’s issues. Realtors all over Central Florida have entrusted Critter Control® of Orlando with their customers, and we hope you will too. Call 407-603-9191 to learn more.