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Rats Apartment

Rats can survive on the smallest amounts of food, fit through the tiniest holes, and use the littlest amounts of debris for shelter — which means it doesn’t take much for them to take interest in your apartment complex. If you have rats on your commercial property, these might be the reasons why.

Infrequent Rats Apartment Inspections 

Frequent inspections are key to keeping residents in and rodents out. By staying current with rat prevention all year long, you drastically improve the chances of avoiding infestations. Without regular inspections, it’s easier to miss holes, gaps, and cracks that rats could use to enter your apartment units.

Unsealed Utility Lines

Utility lines that feed pipes through the walls, floors, or ceilings of your apartment complex should be filled with a high-grade sealant and then covered. Plugging holes with only steel wool is not effective, and spray foam is expensive and messy. Rats can chew through these materials and even use them for nesting purposes. Common areas to check for unsealed utility lines include:

  • Kitchen plumbing lines beneath cabinets
  • Plumbing lines inside bathrooms
  • Gas lines behind kitchen stoves

Neglected Landscaping 

As an apartment complex manager, it’s important that you upkeep the cleanliness of communal areas, such as entertainment rooms, hallways, and fitness centers. But it’s also important that you maintain a clean outdoor environment. Grass, trees, and shrubs in and around your apartment complex should be trimmed back so they don’t provide shelter to rats. Once you trim branches and mow the lawn, dispose of yard waste such as leaves and grass.

Your tenants also play a pretty big role in protecting your property — their habits are just as important as yours. If your renters aren’t knowledgeable on pest prevention, wildlife issues will never be fully resolved. You should inform them of ways to help with prevention, such as:

  • Keeping the apartments and common areas clean
  • Paying special attention to food waste around the stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher
  • Picking up all leftover pet food, cleaning pet bowls, and properly disposing of pet waste
  • Notifying management about plumbing or structural issues as soon as possible

Keep Residents Renewing

To keep rats out and residents renewing, contact the team at Critter Control® of Orlando. Our experienced wildlife removal technicians will quickly and safely remove nuisance pests from your property. Using eco-friendly alternatives, we’ll also keep them from returning. If you’d like to schedule a complimentary inspection of your apartment complex, call Critter Control® of Orlando at 407-295-7194 today.


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